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We are Hosting a 90 Day Healthy Weight Loss Challenge
First things first:: Physical Wellness
Be in control: Toxin Free Environment

Health and Wellness Lifestyle Program Coaching from 360°WellnessLab

Take control of your physical health, environment, financial security and personal wellness. Spend less, save more and feel better than ever working towards a debt free lifestyle. Experience vigorous health and total wellness. Sign up now for a FREE Live Total Wellness Overview. Let’s get started today!

Physical Wellness

Did you know nutrients bind to the proteins and fibers in fruits, vegetables and other whole foods and that quality protein helps fight aging? Have you been struggling with feeling good or weight management and taking proper nutrition to flourish and enjoy a vibrant life?

The LIVE Wellness Coaching Overview introduces a healthy lifestyle and an accountability based weight management approach that applies solutions from nature that will astound you.

Financial Wellness

It isn’t how, but when you get started working toward a debt free lifestyle. You may already be budgeting, saving, and retirement planning. But how many years can you go on merely thinking about a debt free lifestyle?

Review the LIVE Overview to consider a realistic way to eliminate debt. Be open for what matters most now and for a comfortable retirement with a back-up plan for tough times.

Environmental Wellness

Does being green and creating an environmentally responsible toxic free environment for your family, home and workplace mean more costly than using bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals?

Your home should be the most important environment.  And ‘green’ should not have to cost you more or be less effective – Watch a LIVE Overview to see how some planning and strategy can be more effective and less expensive.

Personal Wellness

Achieving personal wellness is an active daily process toward a more blissful existence. Attaining balance, happiness, and peace of mind in your personal and family life is essential to personal wellness. Personal wellness is waking ups well.

The LIVE Overview explains the connection between physical, environmental, financial and personal wellness as part of total wellness.

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Additional Information

Dr. Gary Shima

Dr. Gary Shima
Dr. Gary Shima, MD San Marcos, California has been practicing holistic medicine including concerns about toxin free environment since long before wellness was in vogue and before green was more than a color. He founded the Health and Longevity Institute and operates a Wellness Workshop in California. Dr. Shima brings well rounded practical experience to the 360WellnessLab. Read More!

Dr. Sills-Powell

Dr. Sills-Powell
Dr. James D. Sillis-Powell, DPM, St. Louis, Missouri is a foot and ankle surgeon. As Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and an advocate for healthy living, education has always been a passion of his  life. Dr. Sills-Powell cares about his patients quality of life and total wellness. His professional knowledge and practice adds strength and broad perspective to the 360WellnessLab. Read More!

Doris Lu-Anderson, Ph.D.

Doris Lu-Anderson, Ph.D.
Dr. Lu-Anderson, Ph.D. Carlsbad, California is a professor in sport business management and kinesiology. She is a certified fitness instructor, trainer, and yoga instructor determined to enhance people’s quality of life and help them reach total wellness through sport and fitness. Her distinctive background and knowledge enhance 360WellnessLab features and programs. Read More!

Mark Anderson, PE

Mark Anderson, PE
Mark Anderson, PE, MBA. Carlsbad, California is a senior professional engineer in renewable energy. He is an avid skier and outdoor adventurist who lives with Type II Diabetes. He is dedicated to health and wellness programs that promote physical, environmental, financial, and personal wellness. These beliefs and his professional skills are the basis upon which he founded the 360WellnessLab. Read More!
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